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Kaido "Kid" Strange




Executive Producer, Writer, Director

It's Rabbit's birthday. Only problem is, all of his friends are occupied. Not to worry, Rabbit can entertain himself.

A short animation. Created by:

Executive producer, animator, director Ada Napiorkowski

Producer and voice actor Laura Irish

Producer and composer Petra Salsjo

Sound FX and Editing Clelia Borget

Finalist (in short animation category) Rome Prisma Film Awards 2022 and New York International Film Awards NYIFA July 2022.

Official selection at Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival August 2022.



Another comedy feature film script. A 30 year old university student is invited to her younger boyfriend's family's Thanksgiving in New England. Not only is it her first time meeting his family, but she's confronted by her ex-one-night-stand-lover, her boyfriend's mother.

Finalist for Feel The Reel International Film Festival (February 2022).

Semi-finalist for Palm Springs Movie Awards 2022.

Official selection for Venice Shorts 2022 (California).

A Florida Man


A comedy feature film script. The story revolves around a 30-year old asexual transman living in Tampa, FL who uses Tinder to find suitable partners for his various crimes.

First Prize at Film Crash (Los Angeles), Paris Independent Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift (October 2021).

Semi-Finalist at the International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo 2022.

Quarter-Finalist at The International Comedy Film Festival (Los Angeles), and Quarter-Finalist at the San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition 2022!

Quarter-finalist at the Toronto Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition 2021.

Quarter-Finalist at Stockholm Film & Television Festival 2022.

Nominated/selected for Florida Script Challenge 2022, Portland (Oregon) Comedy Film Festival September 2022.

Award Winner at the CaCA (Canadian Cinematography Awards) September 2022.

Circumcised: Deep comedic pandemic poetry

Writer and Performer

Retrospective and comedic look back at 2020 and 2021, including coming out and transitioning in a world suffering from a pandemic.

The last shows in Tallinn, Estonia.

Ürglind by Triin Paja


Triin Paja is a well-known Estonian poet. This is her second poetry book. The poetry is in Estonian.

Illustration by Kid Strange.

You can purchase a copy here.

Chasing 'Clout' Cuckoo Land

Writer and Performer

A motivational comedic pep talk for creative people. Part of Tallinn Fringe Festival 2021. 
Hosted at Heldeke, Tallinn.


“Kaido Strange brings a unique inter-sectional perspective to his writing and comedy, having lived a life that is transnational, transgender, and trans generational.
This allows him to root his work in the borderlands of storytelling, where the real meets the fantastic, and the narrators are as unreliable as the idea of any one truth.
Kaido’s storytelling overflows into multiple media, from fine arts to stand-up comedy to oral history. He reflects the personal and the imaginary, showcasing a vulnerability that belies its own strength.
With a life lived fully from moment to moment, Kaido’s work struggles and plays with the transitory nature of time, reality, and identity.”

LB / Storytelling Consultant

KAIDO "KID" STRANGE has studied fine arts, creative writing, and is a trained library technician. Kaido previously lived in Europe, and now resides in Toronto, Canada with his 2 cats and 2 dogs.

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