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A Florida Man


A comedy feature film script. The story revolves around a 30-year old asexual transman living in Tampa, FL who uses Tinder to find suitable partners for his various crimes.

Quarter-finalist at the Toronto Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition 2021.

First Prize at Film Crash (Los Angeles), Paris Independent Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift (October 2021). Quarter-Finalist at The International Comedy Film Festival (Los Angeles)

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Chasing 'Clout' Cuckoo Land

Writer and Performer

A motivational comedic pep talk for creative people. Part of Tallinn Fringe Festival 2021. 
Hosted at Heldeke, Tallinn.


Writer & Producer

A short animation about the 2020 pandemic. The story is a reflection about what's important to us. The animator is Dawn Tuffrey (NZ), voice over by Laura Irish (NZ), and composer Petra Salsjö (AUS).

It has been views in several festivals including Imagine This Women's Film Festival (2020), LA Indie Short Fest (Winners in our category, July 2020), Seattle Film Festival, In The Bin Film Festival, and jellyFEST season 6.

More information on IMDb.

Lockdown/Stuck 2020


A short film about the 2020 pandemic/lockdown. The story is about an immigrant's anxiety of being stateless. Directed by Ana Falcon, voice over by Alex Lodge, and composer is Tim Grogan. This short has been in a few festivals including the San Diego Latino Film Festival (2021).

Available to view on YouTube.

More information on IMDb.

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When Tigers Use To Smoke

Writer and Podcaster

This is my podcast where my short stories are told. I began this podcast in 2020 and it's on going.

The stories are often reflective or comedic. It's available to listen to via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


“Kaido Strange brings a unique inter-sectional perspective to his writing and comedy, having lived a life that is transnational, transgender, and trans generational.
This allows him to root his work in the borderlands of storytelling, where the real meets the fantastic, and the narrators are as unreliable as the idea of any one truth.
Kaido’s storytelling overflows into multiple media, from fine arts to stand-up comedy to oral history. He reflects the personal and the imaginary, showcasing a vulnerability that belies its own strength.
With a life lived fully from moment to moment, Kaido’s work struggles and plays with the transitory nature of time, reality, and identity.”

LB / Storytelling Consultant

KAIDO STRANGE has studied fine arts and creative writing. He currently resides in Europe with his 2 cats and 2 dogs. Want to know his current projects? Follow him @thatf_ckingkid (Twitter & Instagram).

Fields of profession:


Theatre (Stand-up and Hosting)


For bookings: kaidostrange@gmail.com

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