I will currently place When Tigers on hold until I have more stories to tell.

As you know, I'm currently working on a few things, and with my personal life, with coronavirus, etc. I am just preoccupied.

Old News


So a handful of things:

First and foremost. I am currently working on a handful of projects (you know what I'm like! Excitable and agreeable!) I am currently working on some comedy shows (early days, I will see if anything will come of it), stories, and now some artwork. I will not be performing this time of the year due to the surge in coronavirus so the plan is write these shows down for the new year.

I am also putting One Way to rest. It was fun but I think I got bad advice for it during the lockdown and as much as people fascinate me, I am not much of a host. I will focus on When Tigers Use to Smoke instead as I still like writing dumb stories and it's a place for them to go to.

Ancient History!


Next comedy shows are as follows:

Tuesday, October 20th at Heldeke! (tickets here - this show is now OPEN STAGE. Which means that it's no longer strictly focused on comedy.

My priorities are still to curate and put up women, LGBTQIA+, POC, etc. first but these events are open to everyone.

Friday, October 30th at Naganaga Bar - this show is primary focused on comedy. Again, I'm curating for a diverse group but all are welcomed.

I am trying to make all of these shows 'Halloween' themed. I know a few of us would like to dress up for the occassion.

NB - Due to rise in COVID-19 please wear a mask at all times or when possible. Wash hands, social distance, etc.

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