Next comedy shows are as follows:

Tuesday, October 20th at Heldeke! (tickets here - this show is now OPEN STAGE. Which means that it's no longer strictly focused on comedy.

My priorities are still to curate and put up women, LGBTQIA+, POC, etc. first but these events are open to everyone.

Friday, October 30th at Naganaga Bar - this show is primary focused on comedy. Again, I'm curating for a diverse group but all are welcomed.

I am trying to make all of these shows 'Halloween' themed. I know a few of us would like to dress up for the occassion.

NB - Due to rise in COVID-19 please wear a mask at all times or when possible. Wash hands, social distance, etc.

Old News


Currently working with a friend of mine to make new poster artwork for 'Folks with Jokes' group that I started. I will be taking my name off the Naganaga Bar shows. My name will still be on the Heldeke! shows.

Ancient History!


My two podcasts One Way or Another and When Tigers Use to Smoke are back on this season.

Check them out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (or go to my projects event).

Currently trying to work more on my visual arts as well. Will report back on how that's going.

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