Happy Canada Day everyone!

So a couple of updates: Floating (my new creative project) is still on going and we now have four micro films up! (Link below to channel).

Stand-up comedy is also back in Estonia and that means on July 7th at Heldeke! I will be hosting my first show. It's open mic and the event is especially curated for LGBTQ+, women, and POC. The event costs 10 euros ( -- and that's because of two reasons: The first being is that it's all you can eat unlimited supply of pizza (nice!) and the second is the 2 x 2 measures are still in place and we have to continue to social distance. Therefore, the venue cannot hold it's normal capacity of 60 people. It can do 16-20 people which means that they're not able to really support themselves on 16 people per live performances. 10 euros goes to supporting this amazing venue, supporting the arts in Estonia, and supporting pizza.

The second show will be August 4th! I hope to see you all there.

I am also currently working on curating another pro-LGBTQ+, women, and POC show at Naganaga Baar (Uus 25) for July 23rd! It will be a free event but I suspect a limited amount of people can come. Will keep you posted.

Podcasts: When Tigers Use to Smoke is currently on break as I attempt to gather my thoughts and write more dumb stories.

One Way or Another: I suspect I may take a short break from this as well. Again, life is slowly returning to some sort of 'normality' but I really wanted to take the time to sit and recuperate.


Ok, A lot is happening.

First: I have created a group of creatives to carry on the work of Transmission (scroll down to see what that is) and so we have all branched off and created "Floating"

Here is our YouTube Channel:

We had our first video up and running yesterday and watch this space as we are going to create more and more!

Second: When Tigers Use to Smoke is going to have two more stories and then I will shut for summer break. I'll come back in autumn with hopefully--more stories. Stories I have neglected and need to take the break to work on. In the meantime, I will be carrying out making short videos with my group, "Floating".

Lastly, I will continue to work on One Way or Another and other segments I started building.

I am creating lots of content for all of you cool cats and kittens out there.

Visiting Zookeepers

Story by me.

Voice Over by Mary Rinaldi

Film/Animation by Maria Saveleva

Music by me.


I am still working on two of my current podcasts (Check the podcast page):

When Tigers Use to Smoke, which has stories every Friday.

One Way or Another Laura Dern Is Getting An Apology, which has a new episode every Thursday night.

On my Kaidoscope channel, I'll also be introducing some new 'shows'. One concept I am currently working with is me and Jakop doing a 'film review' of all the weird movies that I like. We're currently working through David Lynch and yes, I am really disturbing him.

Jakop is a local comedian and you can see him on the circuit with Comedy Estonia. He's an 18 year old kid, fresh-faced, and I am an adult who is possibly disturbed and ruining his innocence.

So I really hope to share that with all of you soon.

You can find it all on my YouTube Channel:

(Or click on the button below)


Hello everyone!

So the last and final round of Transmission happened and I wrote once again, a very sensitive piece (yes, I can be sensitive).

I have carried on creating/working on this style of collaboration 48hrs filming with my own project called Floating and I hope to share that with you in June.

For now, please check out Transmission YouTube Channel here:

The following video is the one I wrote (entitled Closer)

Animation by Dawn Tuffery

Voice Over by Laura Irish

Composer is Petra Salsjo


I'm also very happy to announce that I am currently working with a group of creative people to create Transmission: The Distance Between Us.

This is a filmmaking crew based in New Zealand and I had the privilege of working with them for the previous round (3rd) and I am now currently working on the 4th. Sadly, it's the last round as I've only written stories and I was hoping that if there was a round 5, I would do filmmaking.

Anyways, the group expanded and became a little bit international. I was very fortunate to be paired up with a good local friend of mine, Ana Falcon who made the following video below (embedded).

I wrote the words. Alex Lodge (New Zealand) spoke those words, Ana Falcon filmed, and the composter was an American, Tim Grogan.

I am looking forward to Round 4.

Please check out Transmission's entire YouTube channel and the work that other people did (it's so beautiful):


I am also still working on When Tigers Use to Smoke and will have a bunch of stories to tell. I have been pumping them out every Friday because due to the quarantine situation--I figure we all need something to keep ourselves entertained. Again: Please check the Project page!


Happy Witches Night everyone!

Okay, so much has happened in the past few weeks that I got get it all off my chest.

First of all. We are up and running!! My new show/podcast is an entire mess but I love it!

You can watch it on YouTube on my channel here:

(New episode airs tonight at 7pm EEST!)

Or you can listen to them as podcasts here:

And they are available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc. I'll have them linked to the Podcast page as well.

I've embedded the first episode below if you just wanna hang out and watch it. I'm hanging out with my good friend, Todd and the premises of it is that we're just shooting the shit.

Once I get all my feed/IDs correct I will post more info and links for easier access.


Louis Zezeran (in charge of Comedy Estonia) invited me to chat on his podcast: Comedy Guy with Louis Zezeran. We also did a video for it (below).

You can find the podcast on Spotify, or wherever you stream your podcasts.

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