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"Floating" is a collaboration with a collective group of creatives to put together short videos focusing primarily on the year 2020. Each week we hope to bring you something new and inspiring.


when tigers use to smoke

When Tigers Use to Smoke is a podcast serial focused mainly on telling stories. Each episode has a different story, and each story may fit into a variety of genres. Explicit content is more than likely as these stories are often told by adults...with zero concept of a filter.
The podcast is recorded in Tallinn, Estonia, created by Kaido "Kid" Strange with guests by local creative minds.

When Tigers Use to Smoke is hosted by PodBean, and can be found directly on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

one way or another laura dern is getting an apology

A brand new podcast/show of me (Kid Strange) hanging out with friends and just shooting the shit.

Don't worry, there's plenty of 'Laura Dern facts'* to keep you tuned in, because I know that's why people tune in every single time.

*There are not.


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