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"Floating" is a collaboration with a collective group of creatives to put together short videos focusing primarily on the year 2020. Each week we hope to bring you something new and inspiring.


when tigers use to smoke

When Tigers Use to Smoke is a podcast serial focused mainly on telling stories. Each episode has a different story, and each story may fit into a variety of genres. Explicit content is more than likely as these stories are often told by adults...with zero concept of a filter.
The podcast is recorded in Tallinn, Estonia, created by Kaido "Kid" Strange with guests by local creative minds.

When Tigers Use to Smoke is hosted by PodBean, and can be found directly on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

one way or another

So I am rebranding this podcast to just "One Way or Another" (I suspect that one day it will be called 'One Way'--and then just 'One', ultimately to just being called O.)  - with new interviews in autumn.

I'm also going to stick to the podcast format. It's easier on me to focus on just one aspect and not worry about film. (Especially because of all the millions of other things that I'm doing).


Closer is a microfilm animation.

Isolation is difficult. Social distancing especially harder. 2020 is a particularly strange year and it's a year of being able to sit down and really reflect where society should go next. To pause and think about the consequences of our actions.
To ask all of ourselves -- where do we go from here?


Animated by Dawn Tuffery (Nimbus Media) of New Zealand.

Screenplay is by Kid Strange.

V.O. is by Laura Irish (NZ)

Sound design is by Petra Salsjo (Australia).

Exe. Producers: Scott Granville, Jeremy Mayall, and Dan Inglish (NZ).

Film festivals shown:

Indie Shorts Fest (Los Angeles) - Winners in Best in Microfilm August 2020.

Film festivals to be seen:

Imagine This! Women's International Film Festival. (Starts Sept. 25th 2020).

IMDb page.

"lockdown stuck"

A microfilm.

About severe anxiety on being trapped in one location. Made even more powerful through (not only mine) but Ana's Mexican background to be more relevant than ever.

Screenplay by Me (Kid Strange)

Filmmaker: Ana Falcon (MEX/EST)

Cinematography: Henri Vasserman (Estonia)

V.O. : Alex Lodge (NZ)

Sound Design: Tim Grogan (USA)

Executive Producers: Scott Granville, Jeremy Mayall, and Dan Inglis (NZ)

Film Festival submitted

Watersprite Student Film Festival (UK)*

*Ana and Henri are students.

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