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LGBTQIA+ Representation.

Middle Eastern (Armenian) Representation.

Height: 5'8"ft (1.73 meters)

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Eyes Color: Hazel

Playable age: 21-30 years old.


Location: Toronto, Canada


Student Film: Gage Munroe for TMU | Alpha Man | 2023​


Universal Pictures Group | Starry Eyed | 2023

Office Worker

Special Skills

Painting, drawing, embroidery (visual arts background), musical skills (guitar, bass), swimming, stand-up comedy, writing, photography (analogue and digital.)

Languages: English, Russian (intermediate) and Estonian (basic).

Self-Produced | Besties | 2022​

Writer & Executive Producer

(Transmission Projection, NZ) | Closer | 2020​

Writer & Producer

(Transmission Project, NZ) | Lockdown/Stuck | 2020

Writer & Producer


Self-Produced, Heldeke! | Circumcised: Deep Comedic Pandemic Poetry | 2022​


Self-Produced, Tallinn Fringe Festival, Heldeke! | Chasing "Clout" Cuckoo Land | 2023​


Training & Workshops

Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television

Diploma in Acting for Film & Television. September - December 2022. Instructors: Andrej Acin, Dave Huband, Christina Collins, Vladimir Bondarenko

Second City
Improv 1. July - August 2022. Instructor: Kerry Grin
Improv 2. January - February 2023. Instructor: Marshall Givens


Second City

Writing 1. September to October 2022.
Instructor: Doug Morency

University of Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia
Summer School Credit. July 2019.
Creative Writing
Instructor: Margie Orford


Comedic Feature Script | Mother | 2022​

Unproduced feature script.

Comedic Feature Script | A Florida Man | 2021​

Unproduced feature script. Award-winning.

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